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NOVA SCOTIA Declares state of emergency

Board Message Concerning CEU requirements and Community Building

Effective March 23, 2020: (a.) all self- regulated health professions and podiatrists engaged in private practice may provide virtual care for in person emergency or urgent care services, and if are authorized to provide virtual care within their scope of practice and as established by their governing college. (b.) except for podiatrists, all unregulated health care providers engaged in private practice are restricted from providing in-person services and may only provide virtual care services during the period this Order remains in effect.

For greater clarity this includes, but is not limited to:(i) Massage therapists, (ii) Naturopathic doctors, (iii) Chinese medicine practitioners, (iv) Acupuncturists, and (v) Any other complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

Practitioners should reach out to their insurance liability provider if they have questions about coverage.

For more information, please visit (Link to PDF)

Please stay safe, stay calm, and stay informed.

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