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Bruce Kilburn


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He, him, they
Massage Therapist

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Bruce holds an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology and Sociology. In 2016 Bruce earned a diploma (and 'Team Player' Award) in Massage Therapy from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy {CCMH}. 

Bruce encourages a wholistic approach to ones' health and wellness journey.

Therapeutic education includes:
* Sports Massage
* Arthritic Conditions
* Cupping Techniques
* Chair Massage
* Head, Neck & Jaw (TMJD)
* Neurofascial reset (RAPID I&II)
* Reiki I (Shoden)
* Mental Health First Aid

Over the last three decades Bruce has garnered a wealth of experience in fields such as education, public relations, health care, computer software, smartphone support, workforce optimization, and teaching.

Bruce currently serves our community as the President of MTWPAM and is an Instructor at the College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax.
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Sports Massage; Cupping Therapy; General Swedish Massage; Lymphatic Drainage Techniques; Myofascial Techniques; Head, Neck and Jaw Techniques; RAPID Neurofascial Reset:
Lower Body & Upper Body; Reiki Level I (Shoden)
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Bruce Kilburn, RMT
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NS: Halifax Metro
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