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Bruce Kilburn


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Massage Therapist

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Membership: Effective
July 15, 2016
Name: First
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Massage Therapist

Certification Information

Certification: Institution
Canadian College Of Massage And Hydrotherapy: Halifax
Certification: Graduation Date
May 08, 2016
Certification: Hours at Graduation

Specialization Information

Specialization 01
MSW: Swedish
Specialization 02
MLD: Manual Lymph Drainage
Specialization 03
MAR: Active Release
Specialization 04
MMR: Myofascial Release
Specialization 05
MSM: Sports Massage
Specialization 06
MCP: Cold Packs
Specialization 07
MHP: Hot Packs
Specialization 08
MBA: Baths
Specialization 09
MHK: Healthcare Knowledge
Specialization 10
MTP: Trigger Point Therapy

Business Profile Information

Profile: Photograph
Profile: Biography
Bruce is an alumnus of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) and holds a Bachelor's degree (Honours) in Psychology and Sociology.

Bruce is registered as a member in good standing with the Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes (MTWPAM) and currently holds a position on the board of this association.

Having garnered a wealth of experience from providing academic support, workforce optimization and technical care, as well as engaging in teaching over the past two decades, Bruce decided it was time to take a more active role in promoting and encouraging others as they deal with injury and illness.

Awarded the 2016 Team Player award for his efforts by his CCMH graduating class Bruce seeks to engage and inspire others while encouraging an intuitive balanced approach to mind, body, movement and health.

During his time at CCMH Bruce was able to treat a wide range of patients including amateur and professional athletes, youth, post-operative patients and patients living with arthritis. He also treated patients looking for hydrotherapy treatment.

Bruce strives to learn new techniques and create meaningful treatments to share with you.

Please do schedule a treatment with Bruce at your next opportunity!
Profile: Specializations
Sports Massage; Cupping Therapy; General Swedish Massage; Lymphatic Drainage Techniques; Myofascial Techniques; Head, Neck and Jaw Techniques; RAPID Neurofascial Reset:
Lower Body & Upper Body; Reiki (Shoden)

Primary Practice

Primary Practice: Name
Massage Addict: Larry Uteck
Primary Practice: Address
620 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada B4A 4H4
Primary Practice: Region
NS: Halifax Metro
Primary Practice: Contact
Primary Practice: Details

Secondary Practice

Secondary Practice: Name
Bruce Kilburn, RMT
Secondary Practice: Address
501-3001 Olivet Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3L 3Z9
Secondary Practice: Region
NS: Halifax Metro
Secondary Practice: Contact
Secondary Practice: Details

Tertiary Practice

Tertiary Practice: Name
Fairview Chiropractic and Massage
Tertiary Practice: Address
25 Titus Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Tertiary Practice: Region
NS: Halifax Metro
Tertiary Practice: Contact
(902) 405-5433
Tertiary Practice: Details

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