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Joining MTWPAM - Checklist and Membership Types

  • October 18, 2018 12:37
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    Bruce Kilburn (Administrator)

    MTWPAM Membership CheckList

    This section is a summary of the requirements listed on the JOIN page. Please go there for more specific information including international or provincial transfers.
    1. Complete our quick and easy application process online -> Join.  Students please note that you will be required to submit proof of registration in an approved programme of study before membership may be granted.
    2. Please upload the following supporting documentation. You will have the opportunity to upload your application documents during the online application process. If you are having difficulty with your uploads, please contact us. Required:
      1. Institution Transcripts and/or Graduation Diploma/Certificates
      2. First Aid Certification (At least Level A with AED)
      3. Liability Insurance. Please view our Insurance page for requirements
      4. Two Reference Letters (or more) in regard to joining the association
      5. Declaration and Criminal BackGround Check
    3. Insurance requirements. You must obtain professional and general liability insurance of at least 2 million dollars in coverage. See the Join or Insurance FAQ for more details.


    Please select your membership type from the Choices -- provided on the JOIN page -- and then choose 'Next' at the bottom right of the page. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible when proceeding to next steps.

    Please note that there are NO APPLICATION FEES! 

    ** Annual fees may vary from time to time. Please look at each choice to see the current fee structure.


    Current members can select the Renewal option from their profile page. You will see an option called 'Renew". Please check there and reach out if you should have any questions or technical issues.

    More Information

    In addition to the detail listed on the JOIN page, the Frequently Asked Questions section may have the answers you are looking for. Please do take a look! You can type any keywords in the search bar at the top of this page at any time to be given indexed answers from all pages of the web portal.

    Membership Types Supported

    • Massage Therapist - Requires 2200 Hours from an accredited education institution
    • Wholistic Practitioner - All other supported modalities and those applicants with less than 2200 hours of Certified Massage Therapy education.
    • Wholistic Fitness Practitioner - Applicants with recognized training in the areas of massage and therapies in the context of performance, fitness, exercise and remedial work.
    • Student Membership - Enrolled in Massage or Wholistic Therapy Education from a recognized training institution.
    • Associate MemberThis level is designed for those individuals who are:
      • An Active/Inactive member of another association similar in nature to MTWPAM.
      • Not active within a massage based association or hold membership in similar organizations;
      • An individual employed as an instructor, technician, teacher assistant, clinic/outreach supervisor or administrator in a therapy program recognized by the association; and,
      • An individual in the healthcare community with a desire to receive information on the practice of wholistic and/or massage therapy.

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