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    Board Positions

    Member at Large
    Continuing Education
    Recording Secretary 
    Administration Information

    Position Duties and Responsibilities

    Board of Directors

    • Board Member Duties
      • Fiduciary Responsibilities
        • Directors of not-for-profit corporations are fiduciaries and are generally subject to the same common law fiduciary obligations as directors of business corporations.

        • A fiduciary is a person having a legal duty to act primarily for another person’s benefit and is a person who:

        • (a) owes another person the duties of good faith, trust, confidence, and candor; and
        • (b) must exercise a high standard of loyalty and care in managing another’s property. As a general matter, fiduciary duties are imposed by the law to protect those who are vulnerable from those who have power over them.
    • Duties: President
    • Duties: Vice-President
    • Duties:Treasurer
    • Duties: Member-at-Large
    • Duties: Recording Secretary

    Committee Positions

    • Continuing Education
    • Public Relations and Events
    • Legislation
    • Professionalism

    Other Committees

    We are always looking for interested and qualified members to bring their skill-sets to our team.

    Should you be interested, please let us know how we can help match up a position and time commitment that works for you. Bring your passion and help us create change!

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