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Google Chrome Security Changes May Show as "Insecure Site"

  • May 14, 2018 22:21
    Message # 6179187
    Bruce Kilburn (Administrator)

    Google Chrome changes may affect your site

    Depending on the link you select, you may have an error hen attempting to log into the MTWPAM site. This is a change made by Google.

    What can we do now?

    Click/select the 'Advanced' options at the bottom left of the page and 'continue' to the web pages. Once you log into the site with your username and password, you should see the web browser address change from http:// to https://. 

    Excerpt from : Google chrome changes may affect your site

    April 24, 2017

    Google has changed the way its Chrome browser displays unencrypted pages. (Unencrypted pages are less secure than encrypted pages, and begin with HTTP rather than HTTPS.) Depending on how your Wild Apricot site is set up, this may affect how your site appears to visitors using Chrome.

    Wild Apricot is not making these changes, Google is. We are only alerting you, and providing you with options for dealing with them.

    How were these pages previously displayed?

    For HTTP pages, Chrome previously displayed an information icon within the address bar.

    Visitors to the page could click the icon to view information about the pages, including security details.

    What’s changed?

    Now, pages that use HTTP and collect passwords or credit card information are labelled by Google as insecure. The phrase Not secure appears ahead of the page address within the address bar.

    In subsequent releases, Google will add a red error icon to the Not secure warning, and will begin displaying this warning for all HTTP pages, regardless of whether the pages collect passwords or credit card information.

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