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Direct Billing: Registering with Healthcare Benefit Plan Providers

  • March 20, 2018 00:43
    Message # 5988401

    Get Registered with Insurance Providers

    Please find below links to Healthcare Benefit Plan Providers for Registered Massage Therapists.

    These website links will take you to their Healthcare Provider registration pages so that you may register for direct billing for your patients (if applicable):


    The Healthcare Benefit Plan Providers listed above will reach out to your association regularly for reports and updates so please ensure your business contact information is always up-to-date.

    Sole Proprietors can request an account at any time from these providers. These accounts are linked to you as a healthcare provider for the duration of your career.

    Each insurance group may provide you with one Master Account and a Location ID for each place of work. Example: A79125 master account, A791250A for Clinic A, A791250B for Clinic B.

    Your clinic/ workspace may request accounts for you as part of your contract/employment. They will need your Association Registration ID code and Banking Information (like a void cheque or direct deposit bank letter).

    You are legally responsible for all experiences using any code given to you by these insurance companies.

    Please ensure that you are aware of how your insurance codes are being used at all times. Inappropriate use of these codes is considered fraud.

    If you leave a clinic workspace, ensure that you update your association -- and the insurance providers immediately -- and request that business(es) no longer use your accounts for any purpose.

    Registering with a Healthcare Plan Benefit Provider may take a week or longer to process so make sure you apply early!

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