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Protecting your Privacy in Discussion Forums

  • January 30, 2018 01:39
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    Privacy and Discussion

    Messages you post to any public community forum is available for anyone to view, copy, and store. 

    Most public postings made on the Internet are archived by search engines (ie. Google) and may be retrieved years after they may have been written. A lot can change in the intervening time so please -- before you post a message to a public forum -- ask yourself if want a future patient, employer or family member to be able to read your post years from now.

    Here are a few guidelines to help protect your privacy:

    • Never post or give out personal contact information without due consideration of the consequences. 
    • Be sure to check and set your Privacy options in your account profiles.
    • Be discreet and careful about what other personal details about your life that you may share online.

    As a reminder, MTWPAM fully respects your privacy and will never share your personal information without authorization.

    We can provide our privacy policy upon request.



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