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  • February 05, 2018 18:40
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    CEU Credits Simplified

    We have attempted to streamline and make the collection of Continuing Education Units easier to manage and accumulate.Please review the biggest changes below:

    Thirty Credits Over Three Years

    To make this new ruling fair​​ as it happened in mid 2017, the above will apply to all years​ starting Jan 1, 2017​. We will also allow roll-over of 5 CEUs per CEU Period. 

    Please see below for examples:

    Cycles that ended in 2016 after mandatory 30 credits total have been achieved will also be included. This means that those that have started a new cycle in 2017 will be permitted to retroactively roll​ over 5 credits to the next cycle -- after​ their​ mandatory 30 credits have been achieved.

    Cycles ending in 2017 will be permitted to roll over 5 credits to the next cycle after mandatory 30 credits total have been achieved.

    Cycles ending in 2018 are also applicable. As you would now be in the middle of your cycle for 2017, 5 credits from 2016 can roll over, with an unlimited number of credits in 2017 and 2018 achieved to combine to a mandatory 30 credits.  

    Cycles ending in 2018 will be permitted to roll over 5 credits to the next cycle after mandatory 30 credits total have been achieved.

    One must achieve 5 credits in first year of new 3 yr cycle if all credits were achieved in the first year of previous 3 year Cycle
    ie. 2017-2019 Cycle 3 years : 1st year all 30 CEUs, 2nd year 5 CEUs, 3rd year 0. New 3 yr cycle 2020: 1st  year 5 CEUs must be achieved from either primary or secondary.

    Allotment of Primary and Secondary CEUs​ (Scope)​

    Primary -> 20  CEUs per cycle (including First Aid) 
    Secondary -> 10 CEUs per cycle

    After 30 credits have been achieved, 5 total may roll over in either category and may be split up (i.e. 2 Primary credits, 3 Secondary credits)

    Cycle Start Dates

    A CEU Cycle would be defined as the time period between the start date of the cycle and the end date of the cycle. For those beginning their cycle in 2017, the dates for this cycle would include three CEU Periods from January 01st, 2017 through to December 31st, 2019.

    A CEU Period may be defined as the period between January and December of each year. For example, Period One of the Cycle starting in 2017 would cover the period from January 01st of 2017 to December 31st of 2017. 

    Please review the more detailed documents provided at the end of this thread.

    Inactive Status

    Please note that the cycle for inactive members will continue and all credits for the 3 year cycle must be completed to be able to return to Active status.

    All Inactive members must pay the Inactive Membership Fee annually to hold Inactive status.

    We highly recommend maintaining your membership to ensure you are not affected by unforeseen policy changes during your absence from practice.

    More Information

    For more information, please visit our continuing education section.

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