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  • [Online] Improving Foot Function - Level One (Laurie Di Giulio)

[Online] Improving Foot Function - Level One (Laurie Di Giulio)

  • May 20, 2020
  • (MDT)
  • December 31, 2020
  • (MST)
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Improving Foot Function - Level 1

A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment, Treatment & Therapeutic Exercise for Foot Dysfunction

Investment: $119.99 CAN (approximately 6 Hours) *DISCOUNTED*


A fundamental understanding of anatomy and anatomical terminology is suggested.


The focus of this course is on assessment through observation and movement. Suggested modalities used to correct foot conditions include pin & stretch, muscle stripping, passive stretch, joint mobilization, isometrics, and remedial exercise.

Course Details

There are so many reasons for foot pain, and many of the typical interventions are out-dated and short-sighted. This course will introduce you to the emerging science behind foot pain and optimal foot function. We will look at what's really happening with your feet and how to create the opportunity for better function and performance.

You will learn and practice techniques to relieve pain and improve the way the foot moves. This online, self-directed course will help you to recognize when foot pain may be linked to knee, hip and core dysfunction, assessment techniques to identify where there are issues and ways to make corrections and provide purposeful, effective and evidence-informed home care to ensure success.

This course involves a combination of video powerpoint lectures, demonstrations, and downloadable documents to support learning.

Students will receive a certificate after successful completion of quizzes and an assignment submitted on the Udemy platform.

Those who complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify different causes of foot pain and how to approach treatment.
  • Assess foot function, and where there may be need for improvement.
  • Understand the requirements for a healthy, functioning foot and how it lends to optimal ankle, knee, hip and core health.
  • Improve both mobility and strength within the foot, using manual techniques and corrective exercise drills.
  • Make recommendations for individualized home care to improve treatment outcomes.
  • Understand the role of the foot in ankle, knee, hip and core mechanics and how improving foot function can have far reaching effects to other areas of the body
Facilitated by: Laurie Di Giulio

This online format will involve lecture, discussion and group work. All the interaction of an in-person class but with social distancing requirements maintained.



1. Go to and click on the LEARN tab. Select REGISTER NOW and complete the online registration form, acknowledging the IP agreement, disclaimer and refund policy.
2. Complete etransfer to or contact me if you require alternate payment arrangements. Your attendance is confirmed when payment is received, and you have been issued a receipt.

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