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  • Anterior Ribcage and Breast Massage: Ailsa Keppie (Halifax, NS)

Anterior Ribcage and Breast Massage: Ailsa Keppie (Halifax, NS)

  • September 07, 2019
  • September 08, 2019
  • 2 sessions
  • September 07, 2019, 09:30 16:30 (ADT)
  • September 08, 2019, 09:30 16:30 (ADT)
  • CCMH, 180-6960 Mumford Road, Mumford Professional Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3L 4P1

Anterior Ribcage and breast massage

Investment: $ 450.00 including tax
Presenter: Ailsa Keppie, BSc (Hon) Physiology, RMT and MFR practitioner
Registration: to Register please email

* A professional approach to treating the breasts and anterior thoracic area.
* This course is 12 hours over two days.


Treating the anterior ribcage with competency, confidence and professionalism is something that can be incorporated into treatment plans for clients when indicated. As Massage Therapists, we have the possibility to bring awareness and connection to this sensitive area of the body for many people. It is common for emotional and physical trauma, anxiety and shame to get stored in this area of the body especially, and it is necessary to become aware of and have tools for working with this as health professionals. When we are comfortable in working with the breasts and anterior ribcage, we offer clients the possibility to become connected to this area of their body also. Having the knowledge and awareness of different gender issues, surgeries, pre and post partum changes and scar work will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your treatments in general.

This course will approach working in this area within the scope of Therapeutic massage. It is open to people of all genders, however, if you are male identified, you will need to arrange to have a practice partner with a female body, so as to make sure you have the best learning experience and respect the others in the group. I cannot guarantee a willing partner for the practice portion of the class, as participants comfort level varies on an individual level.

About the instructor

Ailsa works as an RMT in Nova Scotia and is in her 10th year of practice. She has taken post graduate training in myofascial release with a women’s health specialization, Somatic psychotherapy training, intimacy education and ethics and boundaries. She is currently completing a two year program in Somatic Sex Education with trauma informed training. Providing the knowledge and skills necessary for RMT’s and other health professionals to offer safe and therapeutic work for the anterior thorax and breasts is an important goal for Ailsa and an important extension of practical knowledge for Massage therapists. 


  • to have concrete tools for communication, consent and negotiating boundaries with clients when creating and implementing treatment plans for these sensitive areas of the anterior trunk
  • To be aware of trauma responses and somatic stories that may arise when treating these areas of the body
  • To understand and be able to competently perform myofascial release techniques for the breasts, and anterior ribcage
  • To learn to perform myofascial scar release techniques for common scarring found in this area, including breast reductions/augmentation scarring, mastectomy scars and reconstruction, top surgery for genetic reassignment 
  • To review hydrotherapy techniques for treating the breast tissue, including treatments for mastitis, breastfeeding prep and discomfort, and post surgery treatment options
  • To review and practice Swedish massage techniques for the anterior thoracic area
  • To feel confident in offering treatment and professional advice for issues relating to the breasts and anterior thoracic area, within the scope of practice of massage therapy

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