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Dustin Boudreau: Halifax, NS - Seeking RMT in Private Clinic

July 08, 2021 17:53 | Bruce Kilburn (Administrator)


New graduates of a recognized massage therapy school are welcome and urged to apply.

What is something they don't teach you in massage school? Running a business, the in and outs of growing a clientele, marketing and advertising...

I have been an RMT for 11 years and much of that time I have worked for myself and ran my own businesses. I have provided many trainings, and professional development programs to different communities. I love being able to help someone succeed, grow, and become leaders. Running your own business can be scary at first, even if your just small and self-employed, but it is vary rewarding.

Don't go work at somewhere, where you get overworked, don't have a chance to learn the business, and are under paid. Come work at my private clinic in the heart of Halifax, where I will mentor you, help you build a clientele, teach you what you want to know to be successful on your own, and get paid 65% commission on your treatments.


65%/35% in favor of the RMT

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Web Site: https://www.dcboudreau.com/

Telephone: +1 (902) 229 - 1414

posted: July 08, 2021

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